HTTP Delivery Reports

Retrieving Delivery Reports automatically to a Specified URL

The sendmode sms gateway has the ability to post SMS delivery reports to a URL of your choice.



EventIDThe eventid is a unique identifier for the message.
PhonenumberThe SMS recipients mobile number.
DataTypeThe type of message sent. SMS will be the variable returned.
StatusThe delivery status of the SMS message.
CustomerIDThe customerid variable passed when the message was sent if applicable.
Delivery Report Status

Delivery Report Status

DELIVRDThe message has been successfully delivered.
DISPATCHEDThe message has been sent to the provider.
EXPIREDThe provider has tried repeatedly to get a delivery report from the handset but was unable too within the alloted time.
UNDELIVThe provider is unable to deliver the message to the handset.
REJECTDThe provider has rejected the SMS and will not send it.
OPTED OUT - BLOCKEDThe handset mobile number is on your opt out list and does not wish to receive messages.
How to register your delivery report page.

How to register your delivery report page.

  • Go to the Settings option in the menu.
  • Go to the API Settings tab with the settings page.
  • Enter your delivery report pages URL in the Post Delivery Reports to URL textbox.
  • Save your settings.
Requirements for your delivery report page.

Requirements for your delivery report page.

  • You will require a server (PC) with a public IP or Domain.
  • You will need to host a web page in a language of your choice which is accessible from the internet.
  • You need to output the phrase "True" into the HTML of the web page.
Example posted Delivery Report

Example posted Delivery Report

An example of the format the posted delivery report to your URL will take.